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A complete description of the Pallet Flow Rack


A Drive-In Rack system with entrances and exits allows lift trucks to enter the aisle and retrieve products. Drive-in pallet racks are designed to pass through forklifts or similar vehicles. Drive-in frames are designed to be strong enough to withstand damage to the forklift. Drive-Thru Rack also hold more load and occupies less space in the long run. Items that have a long shelf life or do not need to be rotated are often stored on pallets using drives.

Pallet racks depend on the type of material. One of the common styles is selective blacking. The main drawback of this is that it covers a lot of space. Such racks can be expanded using deep double frames consisting of four rows of pallets adjacent.


Different styles of palette racking

A pushback pallet rack style is used to maximize space. Rails for slots run from one side to the other, including several back-to-back rows. These are typically placed at the top of the fence and pushed back by the next load until they reach the end of the rail.

Florac is also used in some industries. Items are saved at the upper limit and unloaded at the lower limit. In other words, drive thru racking operates on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis.

Whether you choose Pallet Flow Rack depends on your inventory flow and the number of inventory management units you use in your business. Those who handle extensive inventories go for selective racking. This is because this type of rack is easy to install, adjust, and customize.


The main advantage of this system is that it helps you make the most of your space. Pallet Flow Racking does not take up a lot of space and can easily add pallets vertically whenever you need them.

There are a few things to consider when choosing Drive in Racking. This is because, like the mezzanine floors, these racks need to be purchased from a trusted supplier. Only reputable suppliers can guarantee high-quality ingredients. Drive in racking system must be made of high-quality steel capable of withstanding high loads.


Important point

In addition to the information above, there are some essential points to consider. Be sure to label the rack so you can easily get the product in a particular location. Another essential thing to remember is to remember your weight limit and not exceed it.

Flow rack, another rack system with pallets, is commonly used when storage system density is paramount. Consider forklifts, especially masts, before ordering pallet racks. Is it high enough to reach the highest level of the frame? Therefore, the style of the rack system installed in the warehouse depends on the type of forklift.

In addition, overload can affect stability. You must follow the manufacturer's capacity and mounting method instructions to use the pallet rack for more extended service. Get a racking system from DISTRIBUTION X based on your company's requirements.