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What you need to know about hybrid and Archive Storage Rack


Carton Flow Rack is best suited for products with relatively high shipping frequency. Some advantages over other carton storage systems are:

  • By reducing travel distance and turnaround time, carton flow racks eliminate the aisles required in standard carton storage systems.
  • Back replenishment allows orders to be taken to the front of the picking surface and refilled simultaneously.
  • Pickers can easily access the flow rack, so workers do not need to be mentally and physically prepared for working height. Built-in material handling equipment that lifts pickers to their respective locations in the rack, unlike carton storage systems where high product stacking is a concern
  • Front, picking item count can be much higher than in carton storage system.
  • Separate replenishment and lift maximize floor space. It makes up for the drawbacks of being tall.

However, the carton flow rack system may have limitations compared to the regular Carton Rack. For example, rack height restrictions. Carton flow racks can only hold up to a specific height range, so larger-sized cartons may not fit into the frame. Carton Flow Racks are also suitable for selected items in each Quantity (EA). This is because you can have many SKUs and may not need to fill them frequently.

Customized racks for storage

Similar to the Pallet Flow Rack used to store and carry cartons in factories and warehouses. Carton Flow Racking technology resembles the first in, first out process. The rack design is designed for easy and automatic rotation of cartons and products for smooth flow, top filling, and bottom emptying. Maximize storage and work without manuals by using a pallet rack.

Overall, Archive Storage Rack is an excellent choice as it can hold many different SKUs and gets the most out of your warehouse. However, there are some limitations to the racking that must be considered. It is also necessary to pay attention to the type and characteristics of the product and how to choose it.

Most businesses prefer archived shelving units made from aluminum or steel, known for their durability and flexibility. Although DISTRIBUTION X also can opt for Archive collection shelves, this is not a wise choice. Significantly paper documents can be damaged. Archive collection shelving units, are also available but are not a good choice given their effectiveness in withstanding heavy loads. Businesses can also choose mobile storage units according to their specific needs.


Hybrid order picking

A hybrid racking system is a combination of conveyor and order picking. This system is typically used in warehouses containing small, medium, and oversized goods. The first part of the Hybrid Rack consists of a conveyor belt with an automated storage location system (AS/RS). AS/RS can be vertical or horizontal carousel, depending on the type that best suits your warehouse needs. Once the product reaches its destination on the conveyor, it travels through a small belt where workers can reach and reach the truck or forklift; from there, all the product is put into a tote bag. And is put back on another large belt for transport.